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Shanghai Smart Office Technology (SSOT) takes place this summer  

Shanghai Smart Office Technology (SSOT) will be held from 3 – 5 September 2024 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, bringing together industry partners to create a professional technology platform for intelligent solutions in the field of smart office and commercial space management. The exhibition will closely follow the goal of accelerating digital development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, provide a display space for the innovative achievements of smart office products, technologies, application scenarios and solutions in various important fields, promote all-round exchanges and consultations among industry professionals, and assist exhibitors to accurately meet user needs, optimise solutions, grasp new opportunities, and meet the new demands of the market in the era of smart technology. Learn more about the show and sign up as an exhibitor or visitor now.

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Shanghai Smart Office Technology (SSOT) is an important platform for smart office technology exchange in China, held concurrently with Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (SIBT), Shanghai Smart Home Technology (SSHT) and Parking China (Parking China), aiming to build a bridge between different smart industries. In 2023, 457 exhibitors were gathered and the show welcomed 26,229 visitors. Under the general trend of the comprehensive development of smart technology: AIGC, AIOT Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and other technologies have developed to expand the scope of applications for various technologies and systems, which has promoted cooperation across different fields. SSOT not only showcases the smart office industry, but also covers smart real estate, smart community, smart pension, smart hotel, smart education, facility management and other fields. Products displayed include building automation systems and products, building energy conservation and energy management systems and products, security access control systems and products, cloud platform technologies and solutions, smart building management systems, and more. Through Shanghai Smart Office Technology (SSOT), exhibitors can not only introduce their brand, but also build a network within the industry and connect with customers, expand their professional knowledge, learn about products and technologies, and find their ideal suppliers.

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As an emerging business unit of Canon, our presence at the SSOT zone was primarily driven by its influence in the industry. Our goal was to raise awareness among industry players that Canon is not limited to produce printers and cameras but is also making breakthroughs in the smart office field. The outcome of the exhibition was highly satisfactory, particularly because it allowed buyers to have first-hand experiences with our smart office products.

After three years of the pandemic, which has also served as an education for many in terms of remote working trends, we coincidentally launched a new product line before the outbreak. This line includes personal devices, headphones, microphones, and more. It is a comprehensive set of end-to-end devices that are bundled with a complete cloud-based solution to meet the needs of seamless communication and collaboration anytime, anywhere. Currently, the market's new trend is AI (Artificial Intelligence). If there is an opportunity in the future, we will also bring our AI development products to the exhibition for demonstration. I believe that face-to-face exhibitions provide an excellent opportunity for customers to visit and personally experience products such as audio and video. This is crucial for us. If we participate in the exhibition next year, we will dedicate more effort to creating a customer experience area. This feedback comes from the interactions we had with visitors during this exhibition. The exhibition is a frontline venue for listening to customer needs, and such communication opportunities are extremely valuable.

This is the first time for HARMAN to participate in the exhibition, and we have designed several different sets of smart meeting room solutions according to the size of the conference room to make a showcase. So far, we have received good feedback from people in the field, including many who didn't know HARMAN well before, and it has also provided us with the opportunity to meet more customers in different fields. Our main target customers are consulting companies, equipment management companies and there are such customers on site, and the on-site flow of people is still quite large, and the smart home exhibition, intelligent building exhibition, and parking exhibition held at the same time have also played a good role in draining each other. Smart office will be a big trend in the future, and it's still currently in its infancy, and technologies like AI will be added in the future, and traditional AV systems like our will also transition to the network. As a first-time exhibitor, I think the exhibition is quite professional, the scene is basically large manufacturers, the product applications brought are also very good, overall the exhibition effect is satisfactory, but also met the expectations before the exhibition.

I have been closely following SSOT's activities, and after the organisers conducted OffiSmart salon events in major cities across China to create hype, the attention on this exhibition has increased a lot. It has successfully attracted numerous well-known brands to participate and has drawn a large number of professional visitors, including myself, to attend the exhibition. I have been engaging in discussions and learning at various booths for two consecutive days, gaining detailed knowledge about brands, products, and solutions, and I have gained a lot from it. During the event, I have established cooperation intentions with three brand merchants and have been in continuous communication with ten suppliers after the conference to understand their market promotion situation in the southwestern region. I am actively facilitating collaboration with our Sichuan Smart City Development Alliance. This exhibition has provided me with the opportunity to meet many outstanding suppliers in such a short period, which will help accelerate the development of our domestic enterprises.

We are a contractor for office construction, interior decoration, and hotel renovation. We travelled to Shanghai for visiting the fair and attending the OffiSmart Shanghai Smart Office and Workplace Management Summit. Among the presentations, the topics that impressed me the most were smart cities and the reuse of old spaces for renovation. The building industry continues to move towards greater use of smart technology. Thus, it becomes essential for us to attend these kinds of events in order to stay informed and expand our knowledge.

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